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CASE VIC Rentals offer the best excavator hire process on the market, and the reason is simple. We know customers find ease in getting everything they need from a one-stop-shop dealership that cares and caters for their exact needs.

The aim has always been to make it easy for our customers to do business with us. Our teams in Dandenong & Truganina are small and multi-talented, which means you can just make a single call, and we can get the job done. By dealing with only a few of our representatives, we can take care of sales, invoicing, servicing and parts in one go, saving you valuable time, money and energy!

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    Renting a Machine With CASE VIC

    Renting machinery is easiest when you’re hiring from a company that understands what you do. The CASE VIC teams in Dandenong & Truganina know hiring is the answer for jobs with competitive margins, quick turnarounds, and faster job completion times.

    Getting an excavator for hire or skid steer for hire should be as easy as a quick phone call, so our team keeps up the pace by listening to you intently and basing their advice on your job’s circumstances.
    If you already know what you need, we can help you get started quick-smart. If you need some advice on the most advanced and efficient approach to a specific job, that’s easy too. The CASE VIC team can guide you to the most appropriate dry hire machine for you.

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    Our Extensive Range of Machines For Hire

    Access to our versatile range of top-quality CASE Rentals is only a phone call away. Based in Dandenong & in Truganina, our Loaders, Graders, Excavators and Dozers are in easy reach, and available on demand.

    Case Vic plant equipment for sale in Dandenong Victoria. Construction equipment, excavators for sale
    Crawler Dozers
    Case Vic plant equipment for sale in Dandenong Victoria. Construction equipment, excavators for sale
    Case Vic plant equipment for sale in Dandenong Victoria. Construction equipment, excavators for sale
    Motor Graders
    Second Hand Construction Equipment Victoria.png 5551
    Skid Steer Loaders
    Compact Track Loaders
    Case Vic plant equipment for sale in Dandenong Victoria. Construction equipment, excavators for sale
    Wheel Loaders
    Case Vic plant equipment for sale in Dandenong Victoria. Construction equipment, excavators for sale
    Backhoe Loaders
    Single Drum Rollers
    Case Vic plant equipment for sale in Dandenong Victoria. Construction equipment, excavators for sale
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    Your Smarter Business Partner

    The Difference is in the Detail. Our ability to quote on rentals appropriately and advise on the most efficient and accurate tools helps our customers get the job done to the super high-quality standards that their clients deserve.

    We know that quotes on plant equipment hire can affect the quotes you give your clients, and heavily influence on whether you win or lose the job. Under-quoting can cause you to lose your profit on a job, and over-quoting could cost the job altogether. The CASE VIC team will ask the right questions to ensure you get the best advice, and the best chance to impress your own clients with detailed, informative, and competitive quoting.

    Taking bucket hire as an example, our team can advise not just how much soil a bucket can hold, but also how many loads may be required to move it around, how much time the process should take, and help you make the right bucket hire choice on this basis. Think about how much money this can save you on staffing, fuel and rental hours in the long-term.

    Quick & Flexible Hire

    In a perfect world, everything is planned ahead and well in advance, but we know today’s businesses can’t always work that way. Whether you need a next day solution for dozer hire, or need to plan excavator attachments hire for ten weeks from now, we can get it moving right away.

    By keeping our machines washed, serviced and ready to go, we can organise transport and delivery for your hire in minimal time. You just need to tell us what you want, when you want it, and where you want it – and we’ll take care of the rest, including transporting everything to and from your worksite (self transportation is also available). If halfway through a rental agreement your plans change and you need the equipment for longer, is fine too – at CASE VIC there is no limit to how long a customer can rent a machine for, from one day to ten years.

    New to Hiring Construction Equipment?

    Getting started can be the hardest step, and it helps to have the experts on your side. Not sure if you need civil construction plant hire or infrastructure plant hire? The CASE VIC team can help you decide what’s best for your job. Not sure what the difference is between a simple dozer hire and comprehensive plant hire? We can walk you through the differences and help you take the right step for your business.

    Our Rentals Team adopts a very engaging approach to new hirers. We know that making educated decisions is important, but can be difficult at the start of a professional journey, so we dedicate time to personally getting to know our customers and their businesses, so every business gets the benefit of a trusted, experienced advisor on their team.

    Plant Equipment Hire, Excavator Hire, Skid Steer Hire, Dry Hire dandenong, victoria, CASE VIC Melbourne

    Attachments & Buckets Rentals

    Buying attachments is not always ideal, especially if you only need them for one or a few jobs. If you’re not going to need it on a regular basis, and are worried about cash flow or the depreciation of an attachment while it is not being used, hiring can be the answer to the problem.

    If you already have the machine handy, but just want the machine attachments for hire, we have you covered. By keeping up to date on the latest parts, CASE VIC can offer the part you need all on its own for hire. Designed specifically for CASE machines, each one of these hard-working, high-productivity attachments has been thoroughly tested by CASE engineers. So why not expand the versatility of your equipment with CASE VIC attachments today.


    CASE Rentals stock augers to suite excavators from 1.7t – 35t.

    Hydraulic Rock Breakers

    CASE Rentals stock hydraulic hammers to suit all excavators from 1.7 to 35 Tonne.

    Tilt Buckets

    CASE Rentals has a large range of tilt buckets to suit most excavators. Sizes are limited according to availability

    Bucket Brooms

    To suit most Skid Steer Loaders. Great for site clean ups.

    Screen Buckets

    CASE Rentals have a large range of screen buckets to suit a variety of excavators

    Smudge Bar

    To suit all skid steers. Great for levelling surfaces.

    More Available Attachments

    Hiring attachments is easy – just give us a call and ask! With our team ready to enquire and measure pin dimensions, we can size up and match the correctly fitted part for your equipment and help you get a quality job done. Please see the below list of attachments available:

    • Buckets
    • Rippers
    • Hammer attachments

    • Sieve buckets
    • Compaction wheels
    • Augers and auger extensions
    • GPS Digging Systems

    Backhoes Loaders
    • Hammer attachments
    • Buckets
    • Roll over forks
    • 4/1 buckets

    • Pilot Control
    • Extenda Hoe

    Wheel Loaders
    • Fork and jib attachments
    • Buckets

    Skid Steer & Compact Track Loaders
    • 4/1 buckets
    • Sweeper attachments
    • Fork attachments

    Dozers & Graders
    • GPS Systems
    • P.A.T Blade
    • Scarifiers
    • Rippers