Whether it is a second-hand excavator, or a piece of construction or plant equipment that you are after, at CASE VIC, we have a huge range of machines for you to view and test drive. We take great pride in our extensive industry and product knowledge, quality and complete transparency with our consultative approach.

Being a CASE-only dealership means we know the machines we are selling on a much deeper level. You can trust in the CASE VIC reputation and our experienced team of sales reps.


Every machine we sell reflects our expertise and dedication to quality advice and customer service. We ensure each machine is safe and in the best possible condition before listing any new excavator. The second hand machines we sell go through the following process:

  • Full machine inspection – This helps us evaluate the machine and create a service report, detaining any potential issues that may need to be dealt with.

  • Fixing potential issues – because your safety and is our priority.

  • Going the extra mile – This can sometimes include giving the machine new tracks, pins and bushes, or performing machine maintenance or service. Following this thorough process gives us the confidence we are setting you on the right track.

At the same time, if you are after the benefits of acquiring an even more affordable machine, we can sell a second hand machine as-is with no extra costs or repairs. This means the machine does not undergo any further fixes, which can allow for a range of used construction equipment to be available to you at an even more competitive price.

If you want more information about the options available, talk to our team. Whatever your requirements, we have all the experience on deck to meet your needs.


Many times, our customers know what they are after. In these cases, our reps work from these initial requirements to find and recommend the best machine and relevant customisations available in Victoria. If however, you are venturing into a new business field and require some extra advice, our sales reps have the experience to share, and can educate you on your different options, available machines and their uses.


When it comes to your business, knowledge is power, and our team’s main focus is to give you a competitive edge and provide all the valuable information you need to know.
Want to know how many hours are on a specific used excavator? What attachments does it come with? What the towing weight requirements are for a specific machine? We can provide the exact information to help you make all the right choices.
Our sales reps in Dandenong have got nearly 60 years of experience between the three of them. They know the brand and products extremely well and excel at providing products to meet and exceed customers expectations, with no compromises or cutting corners.

Second Hand Construction Equipment Victoria



CASE VIC is here to help your business grow and run as best as it can. There’s always more work to do, so we do not simply stop-caring once a deal is done. Our dedicated team will continue to be here for you. This could mean helping you upgrade your machine as your business develops, scheduling maintenance services as required, providing you with extra spare parts or attachments, and even helping you with another machine when it is time to spruce things up again.

Our reps can take care of the details and answer all your questions. By being the one-stop-shop for all your CASE equipment needs, you can have the confidence you need in your equipment to get the job done and be the business you want to be.