Case Construction genuine parts and attachments


CASE VIC knows a machine is more than just the sum of it’s parts. By making sure your machines are running well, performing excellently, keeping your work-sites efficient and your operating costs lower, our commitment to your business doesn’t stop at the details.

With all-genuine excavator and loader parts for sale (including service parts and filters), whatever your machine needs are, our Dandenong and Truganina teams have you covered.


Attachment availability can make a real difference in winning new jobs, and on performing a wider variety of projects.

With genuine CASE loader and excavator attachments for sale and hire, you can ensure your loader attachments are engineered for your machine and designed for perfect fit and performance.

At our Dandenong and Truganina dealerships in Victoria, attachments available include pallet forks, buckets, augers, auger drivers, and rippers.

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    Working alongside businesses with all levels of experience, at CASE VIC, we are all about you and your business needs. To make life easier, our parts interpreters can help guide you in identifying which part you need. They can guide you on taking ‘part pictures’ correctly to help identify exactly what needs replacing, or narrowing an inquiry down from 200 possible fittings to the one exact on-spec part.

    We know that genuine parts are a must for ensuring the right CASE specs are met, for safety, efficiency and longevity. With every part made to specific brand guidelines, our parts are the same quality as the original, and come with a 12 month warranty for your peace of mind.

    Loader parts and excavator parts are usually both extremely specific, down to the serial number. Our team’s objective is to make sure you get the right part the first time around, which can often be sourced within 2-4 hours for pick-up (from our Dandenong dealership) and 3-5 business days for delivery. As an added service, our friendly experts will often visit clients’ work-sites in person to make the whole process easier, and make sure we’re helping you get exactly what you need.

    Some of our best-seller parts for sale:

    • CJ4 Engine Oil 20L
    • Gearbox
    • Glass Doors
    • Hydraulic Excavator Oil
    • Gears
    • Engine Oil
    • Filter Fuel
    • Hydraulic Hammer Kit
    • Hydraulic Fluid 20L
    • Bolt on Pads


    Attachments are a game-changer in expanding project opportunities, and by extension, your business. Being able to explore more functionality means getting better value from your machines. Attachments mean versatility, being able to offer add-ons to your projects, preventing clients from looking elsewhere for additional jobs and keeping their focus on what your business can offer.

    Using attachments shouldn’t come with strings attached either. With options for both hire and purchase, genuine excavator and loader attachments are available through our Dandenong and Truganina dealerships. Our team has expertise in what attachments work best for which machines, jobs, and price ranges, working with you to make sure you have the most up-to-date attachments that work to your business’s advantage.

    Some of our best-seller attachments for sale & for hire:

    • Hydraulic Tilt Hitch
    • Hydraulic Hitch for CX130 & CX145C
    • 1600mm Mud Bucket for CX145C from ABS
    • Hydraulic Hitch for CX80C
    • CX210C & CX235C Quick Hitch
    • 2 Meter Mud Bucket from ABS
    • Tilt Hitch for CX210C & CX235C
    • 600mm Dig Bucket for CX145C
    • 4/1 Bucket with Teeth
    • Hydraulic Hammer

    Parts may be returned to Case VIC, subject to the following criteria.

    To be eligible for return and credit, returned parts:
    1. MUST be in original packaging and in a saleable condition. The Case VIC Management team will have final discretion on whether condition returned is acceptable.
    2. Have not been used, or display any signs of use.
    3. Are returned within 30 days. Parts returned within 14 days will acquire a 15% fee.Parts returned between 14-30 days will incur an additional 20% fee.
    4. Note, freight costs associated with original invoice will not be subject for return/credit.
    The following parts are not eligible for return or credit:
    1. Where the proposed return date is more than 30 days from invoice.
    2. Parts not normally stocked by Case VIC and have been specifically ordered for the customer/outsourced from a third-party vendor.
    3. Parts not returned in original packaging and or damaged packaging.
    4. Incomplete Parts.
    5. Parts which have been fitted or used to any degree.
    6. All electrical components, batteries, hydraulic components, gasket kits, fluid and lubricants.
    7. Items sourced from overseas.
    The following conditions apply on all parts returns:
    1. Case VIC is not liable and will treat each credit request on a case-by-case basis.
    2. The customer must supply a copy of the original invoice relating to the return for it to be processed.
    3. Freight costs for sourcing and/or returning parts are at the expense of the customer.
    4. If sold as a cash sale, the return will be processed to the card associated with the original transaction or bank account if paid via Electronic Funds Transfer.
    5. Account holders will have funds returned to their active accounts.