The CASE MSR excavators are the big league for urban job site productivity. When restricted conditions make job efficiency a headache, the CASE midi excavators for sale are perfect for domestic or delicate environments anywhere in Victoria, and are designed to make your job easier. Low external noise levels, exceptional fuel economy (Intelligent Hydraulics System and innovative engines technology), and outstanding controllability and lift performance make these the best tools for the job.

To boost your productivity and move more material in a shorter time, give our CASE VIC team a call. As experts in the field, they can make sure you’re getting the quality you need to get the job done, and can talk to you about midi excavator rental (or purchase). Want to see the difference for yourself? Come down to the Dandenong dealership in Melbourne, and you can take a test drive!


The CASE line of midi excavators now includes six models, ranging from 1.7 to 6.0 metric tons. These compact excavators are ideal for use in tight spaces. Their versatility makes them ideal for general and residential construction, landscaping and utility work.

The C Series midi excavators provide parallel, unobstructed operation near obstacles and tree lines and foundations – all thanks to their zero, short-tail or conventional swing design and independent centre swing boom, which can be offset left or right within an operating range.



C Series mid-size excavators feature a highly reliable 4-cylinder 56 hp Isuzu Motor engine. The turbo-charged system (together with the intercooler) ensures a prompt and powerful response to loads and generates more power from every drop of fuel.

You don’t use more fuel than you need either! The standard Auto-Idle system saves fuel and cuts emissions by automatically reducing engine speed (up to 1200 rpm) after 5 seconds of machine inactivity. If the idle shut down function detects the continuous low idle condition, it automatically stops the engine, further reducing emissions and fuel consumption.

Both auto-idle and idle shut down functions can easily be deactivated from the instrument cluster. The multi-stage injection of the electronic common rail engine ensures optimised combustion, resulting in excellent fuel economy, less particle emissions, and lower noise.
Three different working modes (SP, H, Auto) that add more fuel savings without compromising on performance.

  • A AUTO MODE: A-Mode is most appropriate for grading, lifting, and precision work.
  • H HEAVY MODE: H-Mode delivers the best balance between productivity and fuel economy.
  • SP SPEED PRIORITY MODE: SP-Mode provides extra speed and power for the most demanding jobs that require maximum productivity.


The Offset boom: this increases the working area without repositioning the machine. Comfortable side digging is possible due to an excellent view of the bucket or attachment at work. The minimum working distance allows for operations in very tight spaces.

The Mono boom: this can work in only 2920mm (1630mm front swing + 1290mm tail swing). The same mono boom design of larger excavators provides outstanding robustness and reliability.

The Swing boom: this offers excellent maneuverability and maximum reach. The generous swing angles (left 80°; right 45°) combined with excellent visibility in every direction contribute to increased productivity.


The standard full colour monitor is conveniently located so that it is easy to read, but has minimal impact on front and right side visibility. Every machine is equipped with the efficient automatic A/C, which creates a pleasant climate inside the cab with its 6-vent system combined with a high wind flow of 430 m³/s. The new A/C is not only 20% stronger than previous models, but is quieter too. The rear view camera is another feature which provides more safety on the job site and reduces operator fatigue.


CASE midi excavators for sale and rental melbourne Victoria Dandenong



8000 / 8360 kg


40 kW

CASE midi excavators for sale and rental melbourne Victoria Dandenong



8640 kg


42 kW


No one knows your business better than you do, so here at CASE VIC, our expert team takes an active interest in your needs to fit you with the correct, quality tools for you to get the job done. Not all accessories fit every machine, so give our experts a call and ask how we can improve your midi excavator hire or purchase experience.


The number one priority at CASE VIC is caring about you, your business, and your business’s success! That means making sure you have the right tools, the right advice, and the right kind of people on your side, getting you the tools for a job you can be proud of!

Give us a ring today and ask how we can help, or come down to the dealership. It’s as easy as climbing aboard for that first test drive.