Construction Equipment for sale
in Melbourne Victoria

Construction Equipment for sale in Melbourne Victoria

CASE VIC has been one of the leading companies providing the best quality construction equipment for sale in Melbourne, supporting Victoria’s construction industry. Established in the year 1842, CASE VIC has a long history of working with many construction industries in Australia.

CASE VIC has played a significant role in supporting Melbourne businesses, giving them what they need to get the job done. The objective of the company is to sell and maintain excavators and worksite machines that enable a high level of productivity to our customers, ensuring quality work every time.

From Plant Equipment for sale in Victoria to Excavators for sale in Victoria, CASE VIC has always been a leading company when it comes to Construction Equipment sales.

How do we help customers pick the right machinery?

CASE VIC has experienced representatives who are always available to help customers find the right machinery. CASE VIC representatives have a deep knowledge of different worksite sectors, and make it a priority to advise their valued customers when looking for the right machinery to outperform on specific jobs.

When customers approach CASE VIC, they first meet the sales team, who can help the customers to get the right machine. When suggesting what machine is best for the task at hand, you need to seek the right advice. For this reason, it is important to consult a company that has rich experience in the field. CASE VIC’s representatives have over sixty years of experience between them, making it easier for customers to rely on their advice. This vast experience helps them match their customers with the right machine every time.

Why do customers choose CASE VIC?

CASE VIC has been in business for a very long time. We have always been geared towards professional Plant Equipment sales to the Melbourne construction industry, more than any other company. When our customers buy machinery from our reliable source that can offer the right advice, great finance, as well as ongoing servicing, we know they are able to promise better results and service to their own customers – At CASE VIC, we go to extreme lengths to always be the trusted partner our clients can rely on.

Advising and selecting the right machinery for our customers’ projects, CASE VIC is able to assist clients to better manage the work at hand and promise timely delivery and quality results. CASE VIC also provides customers with the best quality construction equipment to promise a safer and more secure worksite. Additionally, since our machinery is required to perform extended hours of work at the worksite, they are engineered and built in a manner that allows for durability and maximal performance – which is then further enhanced by our ongoing servicing.

CASE VIC has a proven track record of helping our customers’ businesses grow. Our sales representatives work together with our clients and build deep relationships so that we can provide continued support as their businesses go from strength to strength.

Construction Equipment for sale in Melbourne Victoria