“We are not a huge company, which means that providing the best service and most value for money is important to our customers, which is why we will continue to use the Case CX300C Excavator for many more years to come,”

Jay Sbisa – Earthtrak

From residential excavation sites to highway and street construction work, the Case CX300C Excavator provides all the advantages of state-of-the-art technology for faster and better performance.

Easy maintenance and increased productivity by reducing downtime on jobsites while always maintaining the same level of power and torque performance are just a few of the hallmarks of this remarkable machine.

These are also some of the many reasons why Jay Sbisa and Craig Watson, business partners and owners of Earthtrak swear by their CX300C Excavator.

Based in Hallam on Melbourne’s eastern outskirts, and working in earthmoving for a combined 40 years, both Jay and Craig are well versed in the ebb and flow of the local earthmoving industry.

“We do a diversity of work from construction, golf courses, ovals, land rehabilitation and working on both new Greenfield sites and existing cemeteries as well as a range of other bulk earthworks requirements,” said Craig.


Being a company with such a versatile workload means it also needs a range of versatile machines to handle their ever-changing workload – one of the many reasons why Earthtrak has used a number of Case CX300C Excavators.

“We use the Case CX300C Excavator for several jobs and sites including for bulk loading of dump trucks, removal of vegetation and many other general earthmoving duties,” noted Jay.

“Currently, we are working on a massive cemetery site – mainly in a bulk earthmoving role, but we are also doing some civil construction work, where our Case CX300C Excavator is really showing off its true colours.”


Overall, said Jay, the Case CX300C Excavator is reliable, comfortable, tough and easy to use, which lifts his productivity and keeps site problems to a minimum.

Power and efficiency in the CX300C are optimised by the use of a number of advanced technologies including the unique Case Intelligent Hydraulic System that helps manage the engine and hydraulics.

Performance is also maximised with a six per cent greater lift capacity and a three per cent faster cycle time, allowing operators to fill up more trucks in every shift.

In terms of engineering, the operator comfort and productivity are enhanced thanks to the increased cab space, improved airflow and air conditioning.


“One of the best things about the Case CX300C Excavator is its comfort – my crew finds it so comfortable and easy to use that they fight over who will be operating it every day – its not often you get workers fighting over an excavator,” said Jay.

“Our guys can sit in that cabin for up to 8 hours a day, so cabin comfort is one issue we never need to address thanks to our Case CX300C Excavator.”


To help with worksite safety, the automotive level sound dampening is capped at 71dB and is achieved via the use of best-in-class soundproofing, while real time images from the rear of the swing house are visible on the 7-inch control monitor display.


Another advantage of the Case CX300C Excavator is its fuel economy, which Craig described as being a real bonus.

“It’s got one of the lowest fuel usages of any machine that we have ever operated, and with the price of diesel increasing these days, as the guy who pays the bills, that is a big plus in my books.”

This is not surprising considering the CX300C’s Tier 4 CEGR technology, which is matched with the Intelligent Hydraulic System that delivers fuel consumption savings of up to 15 per cent versus other configurations.


When it comes to servicing, the Case EMS (Easy Maintenance System) uses stratified bushings and plated pins to hold grease longer, preventing rattling, and lengthening the time between service intervals.

Wide-open panels for easy access to service points, ground level access to grouped lubrication points, quick-change filters and simple gauges for daily service checks are just some of the design features of the CX300C that make maintenance simpler.

“We are not a huge company, which means that providing the best service and most value for money is important to our customers, which is why we will continue to use the Case CX300C Excavator for many more years to come,” noted Craig.

Added to the features of the CX300C Excavator is the fantastic service Earthtrak get from their local Case dealer, Case Victoria.

“The guys over at Case Victoria – Mark and Danny, were wonderful to deal with – they delivered everything they said they would and even though I have not had any problems with the CX300C, whenever I need some advice, they reply to me straight away,” concluded Craig.

Case Construction is a leading distributor of Heavy, MSR and Compact Excavators; Backhoe and Skid Steer Loaders. Backed by a national dealer network, Case Construction offers parts, service and finance for a range of earthmoving applications.

For more information contact us at CASE Victoria on 03 8710 5000.

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