CASE MSR excavators are ideal for urban job sites with restrictive conditions. With their remarkably low external noise levels, CASE short radius excavators for sale (or hire) are neighbourhood friendly machines that give you the best results with the least amount of fuss.

CASE makes short swing excavator hire or purchase economical too. With the Intelligent Hydraulics System (IHS) and innovative engines technology, these excavators have exceptional fuel economy and efficiency. Add in their outstanding controllability and impressive lifting performance, these excavators will allow you to move more material in a shorter time, boosting your productivity and overall project performance.


Short radius excavator hire or purchase is easy when you have our team of experts on your side. With advanced engineering, CASE C-Series models can deliver up to 17% more horsepower and save businesses an estimated $10,000 per year by managing faster cycle times and reducing fuel costs. Designed for durability and high performance, the CASE VIC team can show you our models, ranging from 1.7 to 80 metric tons, including a minimum of four models of short swing excavators for sale which are perfect for digging and lifting in the tightest work areas.

If you’re not 100% sure what you need, give our team a call, and we’ll help you get the service you need anywhere in Victoria.



The radius of the short swing excavator allows excellent operation, even in confined spaces. The new CX145C SR and CX235C SR are the perfect machines for road construction, bridges projects, and in urban construction sites (any job site where space is limited). The new CASE SR machines are designed to increase productivity and give the operator access to easy, quality performance. This minimises risk of machine damage, and means superior operator and machine safety on the job site.

Short Radius Excavator for sale Victoria


The CASE Intelligent Hydraulic System (CIHS) incorporates a variety of energy saving and performance enhancing functions into its excavators, maximising efficiency and output. Added to powerful, fuel-efficient Tier 4 Interim diesel engines, fuel savings are up to 17% (CX235C SR) and 9% (CX145C SR) depending on the model.
Impressive functionality takes smart design and efficiency doesn’t stop at fuel economy, but to power economy too. Enhanced features include:

  • Simple Operating Mode: a dial that delivers three working modes with speed priority, providing ideal horsepower and hydraulic output.
  • Powerboost function:  provides an 8-second boost for maximum digging performance.
  • Boom Economy control:  increases energy efficiency during swing and boom lower operations.
  • Swing Relief Control: further optimises energy use when slewing.
  • Automatic Economy Control: cuts energy usage when the operating levers are in neutral position and
  • Spool Stroke Control: delivers improved controllability in digging and leveling tasks.
  • Pump Torque Variable Control: provides perfect control of the engine and hydraulic system, further boosting economy.
  • Automatic engine idling and shut down: cuts unnecessary fuel use when not working.

Despite this focus on reduced consumption, the SR excavators boast a 5% improvement in cycle times with a 6% improvement in lifting performance from the previous models. Efficiency can come from any angle, and we’ve got them all covered.

Short Radius Excavator for sale Victoria


All filters are grouped together for easy access, reducing service time. In addition to that, remote greasing points and standard EMS bushings cut greasing intervals to every 1,000 hours. A synthetic filter extends hydraulic oil service intervals to 5,000 hours while engine oil change intervals are set at a competitive 500 working hours. Side-by-side coolers and radiators are easily accessible for cleaning and maintenance with a removable mesh filter, cutting downtime and boosting productivity for the customer. A redesigned upper structure provides access to all service points from ground level with large, side-opening access doors. A larger tank keeps downtime to a minimum too, ensuring maximum productivity.

Short Radius Excavator for sale Victoria


Short Radius Excavator for sale Victoria melbourne1



15000 kg


75 kW

Short Radius Excavator for sale Victoria melbourne



25200 kg


119 kW


No one knows your business better than you do, so here at CASE VIC, our expert team takes an active interest in your needs to fit you with the correct, quality tools for you to get the job done. Not all accessories fit every machine, so give our experts a call and ask how we can improve your crawler excavator hire or purchase experience.


The number one priority at CASE VIC is caring about you, your business, and your business’s success! That means making sure you have the right tools, the right advice, and the right kind of people on your side, getting you the tools for a job you can be proud of!

Give us a ring today and ask how we can help, or come down to the dealership. It’s as easy as climbing aboard for that first test drive.