Graders Hire

If you are looking for a Grader hire in Melbourne or Grader hire in Victoria, then you have landed at the perfect spot. Case Vic brings you the ultimate Motor Graders for hire and purchase that will help you level and grade your surfaces to the millimetre precision effortlessly. We have a range of motor graders that boast powerful engines along with a sturdy A-frame as well as a moldboard to provide you with ultimate performance. With our advanced graders with flip-up rear hood are coupled with outclass serviceability and amazing environment visibility, you would definitely get enhanced productivity while carrying out even the toughest jobs.

CASE B Series Graders

Case Vic brings you the latest and advanced CASE B Series graders that have been designed to deliver unparalleled productivity levels and undeniable operator’s comfort. Here’s what makes this series so special:

  • Unique multi-radius involuted moldboard design
  • Fuel-efficient, turbocharged Tier 3 engine
  • The spacious, rear-mounted cab gives operators exceptional visibility of the working part of the machine
  • Exclusive Front Articulation
  • Externally Driven Circle Teeth
  • All-Wheel Drive with Creep Mode
  • Protected by ProCare

CASE C Series Graders

Case Vic also features the amazing Case C Series graders that have been engineered to stand a class apart while enhancing your productivity, comfort and reducing emissions. Here’s what makes this series so special:

  • Low emissions with Tier 4 FPT engine
  • Ergo power transmission with torque converter for jerk-free shifting
  • AWD with creep mode drive for precision at any speed
  • Dual power curve for more productivity at higher speeds
  • Safe and easy maintenance never so undemanding
  • Roller mounted encapsulated slewing ring for zero friction
  • “A-SHAPE” frame – Stress-free structure
  • Multi-radius blade for easy material rolling
  • Load sensing hydraulic system for effortless flow
  • Directly mounted control levers for banning power waste
  • Blade control set up for flexible performance

Why hire a Grader from Case Vic?

Case Vic believes in customer satisfaction, and for that matter, we bring you unparalleled equipment and services in town. Here’s why you should consider hiring graders for your project from us:

Happy to Serve you

As we have been in the business for decades, our equipment is advanced, and the team is knowledgeable. Just connect with us for your needs, and we shall provide you with the best solutions!

Serviced Equipment

As we are an experienced service provider, you can rely on us for your grader needs, and we will ensure to provide you with serviced and maintained graders for hire. Our range of graders ensure optimal productivity and efficiency.

Competitive Rates

Case Vic brings competitive rates in Melbourne and Victoria when it comes to grader hire and purchase to help you get the job done within your budget!

So, go ahead, get in touch with our team today, and get a customised solution for your grader needs NOW!