Excavator Hire

Are you looking for the right excavators for hire around Melbourne or Victoria, then you have landed just the perfect place. Case Vic is your go-to service provider when it comes to excavator hire Melbourne/excavator hire Victoria. Whether you have to manage your construction site or deal with your demolition projects, Case Vic can serve you just right with its versatile fleet of excavation equipment. Our fleet includes mini, midi, short radius and full-size excavators, you name it, and we have it! These high-performing, user-friendly excavators can be coupled with numerous tools and attachments to provide you with perfect support for digging or site management works.

Case Vic Excavators

Case Vic is known for its extensive range of excavators for sale throughout Melbourne and Victoria. Our excavators are built for bringing you the quality that you trust. From high efficiency, precision, and accessibility to controllability, reliability and maximised safety, our excavators are what you need to keep your construction site on point. Our fleet of excavators include:

Reasons to go for Case Vic

Here’s why you should go for Case Vic when it comes to excavators for hire in Melbourne or Victoria:

The Best Excavators at your Service

Case Vic is known to bring the best possible excavators for your project so that not only your work is completed on the best possible side, but you also get the absolute peace of mind that you have the best machine support and attachments at the best rates!

Serviced & Maintained Equipment

Our excavators are serviced regularly to ensure that they are completely safe for operation and ready to be used. These excavators are available to provide optimal performance with maximal efficiency at your site.

Expert Guidance

Our team is available to guide you regarding the options we have to offer. Our knowledgeable team members will go to any extent to help our clients choose the right machine that is perfectly suitable for your project. So you can rely on us for the ultimate guidance when it comes to choosing the perfect excavators for your needs.

Competitive Rates

Case Vic is the ultimate service provider in Melbourne and Victoria when it comes to excavator rentals. We bring you competitive rental rates so that you can meet your excavation and earthmoving needs within your budget.

Outstanding Delivery Service

We have a very professional and organised service operation as we believe in bringing value-added services for our clients. So, choose Case Vic and get your excavators delivered to your site without any hassle and get to the actual business without any delays!

So, what are you waiting for? Give a call to one of our experts today and discuss your excavator needs, and we will ensure to provide you with a solution just perfect for you and your business. We go to every extent to make your excavator hire experience with us the perfect one! Just get in touch with us via phone or visit our dealership, and we will be more than happy to help out!