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Our company has a proud heritage, one that reflects our strong ties to the transportation industry.

Offering equipment finance to the Australia market since 1979, we understand the need for flexible financial solutions. Our in-depth understanding of the markets and our customers is what sets CNH Industrial Capital apart.

Working hard to understand our customers, their goals, their challenges and outlook on the future, the team at CNH Industrial Capital can tailor financial packages and solutions to match your unique business needs and circumstances.

Today, CNH Industrial Capital delivers a wide array of financial products and services to well over half a million customers in Australia, North America, Latin America and Europe.

CNH Industrial Capital provides retail-financing products directly to customers through the CNH Industrial global network of approximately 1200 independent dealers and distributors throughout 190 countries.

Build and Grow your Future with CNH Industrial Capital.



Loan and Goods Mortgage enables you to immediately receive the benefits of vehicle ownership upon purchase. Under a Loan and Goods Mortgage, CNH Industrial Capital holds a mortgage over the machine for the duration of the loan.



Commercial Hire Purchase is designed for business customers who want to own their machine outright at the end of the agreement but want to preserve working capital in meantime. Under a Commercial Hire Purchase agreement, ownership of the machine will pass once final payment is made.



Choosing a finance lease is a good way to expand or update your machine without tying up working capital. CNH Industrial Capital purchases the machine and rents it to business customers for an agreed period, at fixed rentals.



An Operating Lease is simply a rental agreement, Business customers pay to rent the vehicle without having to purchase it and simply return the machine to Case VIC at the end of the term. CNH Industrial Capital offers both maintained and non-maintained operating leases. A maintained operating lease includes all scheduled maintenance and servicing during the lease period, while a non-maintained operating lease you take responsibility for the upkeep of the machine.

As one of the world’s largest industrial equipment companies, CNH Industrial Capital is perfectly placed to provide finance for earthmoving contractors. Offering equipment finance to the Australian market since 1979, our in-depth understanding of the markets and our customers is what sets CNH Industrial Capital apart.

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